SS Antoinette Review – Day 6

We sailed this morning to Koblenz and arrived at 10am.  It is worth mentioning that you can’t feel the motion at all on the SS Antoinette or hear any engine noise.  You are only alerted to movement by looking out of a window.  As someone who feels seasick at the slightest movement it was a dream come true.  No rushing to an open window for fresh air on this trip.  We were able to lie in bed and watch the world go by from our full length window.  Totally spoilt!

There was time to linger over breakfast whilst the scenery passed by the Restaurant de Versailles window.  There was also an epicurean demonstration of how to make a black forest gateux with the executive chef which was great fun.

Visiting Koblenz on the SS Antoinette

View from Koblenz Cable CarOn docking in Koblenz, we once again took our Quietvox machines and our numbered cards and followed guide number 5 around the fascinating town of Koblenz.  (This tour also included a gentle walking option).  This city which celebrated its 2000th birthday back in 1992 is at the “confluence” of the Rhine and the Moselle rivers.  The Romans named it  Castrum ad Confluentes (The Camp at the Confluence) which was later corrupted into Koblenz.  Through pretty winding streets and buildings spanning the ages, you learn that 85% of the city was destroyed during the allied air raids of the second world war and as such the city has received extensive renovation and has successfully preserved the ambiance of the old Koblenz.  We took the cable car across the river up to Europe’s oldest fort which gave us an excellent view of all below.

The park on the riverbank, where the ship is moored, contains both the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm 1 and three sections of the Berlin wall as it is dedicated to German re-unification both in the 19th and 20th centuries.

We went all epicurean at lunchtime and were treated to a buffet meal which included the executive chef offering us three different types of sausage and a huge dolop of sauerkraut.  There were even three different types of mustard  Having started off the week opting for the lighter options I was now happy to accept at least another three of the hot choices onto my plate at lunchtime as it was all just so good.

The afternoon was free time for those that chose not to take the optional tour to the 750 year old Marksberg castle.  It was time for a bit of present shopping for the family in what is a sizable German city but very easy to walk around.

Once back on board we tucked into afternoon tea and then went to the Captain’s wheelhouse visit.  Captain Jort gave a very entertaining explanation of how the nautical side of the ship is handled and the training of the sailors.  He himself has worked his way up to Captain within Uniworld and seems very happy with his nautical life.  There does generally seem a longevity of the Uniworld staff which always tends to be the sign of a well run company.  Especially when they come from so many different countries and English is not their native language, the human touch is even more important to bridge cultural barriers.

Tonight we had a disembarkation briefing in the Salon du Grand Trianon.  Passengers would be leaving for Amsterdam airport from as early at 5am on Sunday morning for those that were connecting with transatlantic flights.  If anyone needed train information then the SS Antoinette staff would do the research.  All bags got colour coded tags dependent on transfer time and each customer had to ok the bag onto the vehicle, so none could be misplaced.  Very straight forward and well explained.  Breakfast was available in some shape or form for even the earliest risers.  Gratuities settlement was also explained.

For dinner this evening I chose the lightest options from the main menu: vanilla-pineapple shooter for the appetizer, beef consomme with pancake strips which was delicious and then Beatrice Tollman’s spaghetti pomodoro and left out the pudding.  However, the wine was still free flowing and probably made up for my calorie counting on the food!

This picture however shows the full glory of the Wellington of Pork Tenderloin served with port wine jus, sugar peas, glazed carrots and caramelized sesame potatoes. Yum.

Wellington of Pork Tenderloin, SS Antoinette








As the ship was docked in Koblenz until 11pm, there was chance to sample some of the portside bars as well as the entertainment on board.  As we’d stayed up late the night before we stayed for a little while to listen to the show songs sung by Tony & Florina Lettieri in the main lounge which went down very well with the guests from the US.  Some of our group went to the Leopard Bar for cocktails and board games.

Cinema on the SS Antoinette

There is also an on board cinema which has the comfiest leather reclining chairs and puts you in mind of somewhere that Frank Sinatra would have had in his mansion.  There is a daily programme at 10am, 3pm or 9pm with popcorn and ice creams included.


But we decided to go for an early night in the cabin and choose a film from a massive selection including pretty new releases.  We chose “The Help” not realising that it lasted 3 hours.  Lights out at 1am!  Not as early as we had wished.

Alex Leete

Global River Cruising

SS Antoinette

November 2012


SS Antoinette Review Day 5

This morning we woke in Rudesheim, the most famous wine town in the region.  We had a more leisurely start to our the day on the SS Antoinette as we were taken to a wine tasting at Castle Vollrads at 10am.  For those who were up earlier there was an excursion to the Mechanical Museum in Rudesheim for which the Cruise Manager had organised a little land train to take the guests to at 8.30am.  There were plenty of early risers who said it was well worth doing as the museum had been especially opened for the SS Antoinette guests.

Wine Tasting at Castle Vollrads on the SS Antoinette

Castle Vollrads Wine Tasting, Rudesheim, Germany

Castle Vollrads has been producing wine since the 14th century and all of them are the reislings.  Our private tour was fascinating as we were split into groups of about 20.  Despite the early hour we were all very pleased to try the three different reislings on offer, one dry, one medium and one sweet.  The explanation of the production processes, the terrior and the history of the winery were all fascinating.  The shop at the end of the tour had exclusive prices for our group which went down very well.

Cruising the Middle Rhine Gorge on the SS Antoinette

Map of Castles of the Middle Rhine Gorge

We then returned by coach to the SS Antoinette and settled down for a delicious lunch whilst daytime cruising to Boppard, which was to take us through the “Romantic Rhine” middle Rhine gorge through the castles.  Each guest is given a small map with the castles on, their navigation point in the river. This afternoon we were to pass 20 on our way to Boppard.  The Cruise Manager provided commentary onto the top deck and in the lounge.



We braved the cold to get the best view from the sundeck.  The staff had put out blankets and hot water bottles for us and regularly provided hot chocolate.  Nothing is ever too much trouble  By moving indoors and outdoors we kept warm and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  We even cruised past the Lorelei rock.

Pfalz Castle, Kaub, from the SS Antoinette


This castle is called Pfalz and sits in the middle of the river.





The SS Antoinette arrived in Boppard by 4.30pm and we were led on a walking tour by the Cruise Manager.  We were then left with free time to sample a gluwein and do a little shopping.

Uniworld’s Epicurean Adventurer Programme on the SS Antoinette

Tonight was Uniworld’s signature “Epicurean Adventurer” dining experience which showcases the cuisine of the area.  We asked our favourite waiter Boris for his recommendations.  We were treated to a traditional potato pancake served with sour cream, red beet mouse and salad bouquet.  Then for the main course we had roaster sirloin with Dornfelder sauce with sauteed peppers, zucchini and oxtail “sheppard style”.  It is worth mentioning that anyone who is less adventurous is able to order something simple like a free range chicken breast or salmon for any evening meal.  I even say one couple order one of each of the starters and mains and puddings at every evening meal and the waiting staff happily obliged.  I think they thought they were on “Masterchef”!

After dinner there was a local La Strada classical quartet on in the lounge who played some stunning gypsy melodies.  However, as we were moored in Boppard overnight we decided to go into town for a drink.  When you leave the ship, even during the day you need to take a room card with you.  This then needs handing back into reception on your return so they know not to leave without you.  We stayed out until 2am and used the opportunity to sample some local beers.

Alex Leete

Global River Cruising

SS Antoinette

November 2012



SS Antoinette Review Day Four

We woke up today to find the SS Antoinette still cruising to Germersheim, the stopping off point for Speyer.  There was also a signiture lecture this morning, nice and early at 8.30am entitled “The European City from the Middle Ages to “Modern Times” by Sven Matthiesen.

Visiting Speyer from the SS Antoinette

Speyer Dom

A 20 minute bus transfer away, Speyer is home to Europe’s largest Romanesque building, Speyer Dom (cathedral). With its six spires it took over 30 years to complete.  We learnt that as the Romanesque style is plain this time was nothing compared to Strasbourg, which as it is in the gothic style took over 600 years! Three Holy Roman Emperors are buried in the crypt and it appears that each son was trying to out-do the other in the redesigns according to our best guide yet, Tomas (seen here with his number 4 paddle).  As a German speaking English he could speak as an English person would, using a turn of phrase, philosophy and an understanding of the sense of humour that only someone who had lived in Britain you’d think would have.  We also visited the ancient Jewish area and sacred bath which is still in use today.  Uniworld provide a “Gentle Walking Tour” option for Speyer where the guide follows a slower pace but still does 70-80% of the tour.  The gentle option was ticket 5.  Each excursion we were asked to pick a card from reception with a number on it.  That then related to our bus and to our guide.  It worked really well and meant groups were of even numbers.  Each guide had a “lollypop” with the group number on that they held aloft and we all wandered towards them so we could re-tune our devices to their commentary.

We had free time for cafe and kuchen and then returned to the ship for the hot buffet lunch.

Cafe in Speyer, Germany







Cycling Down The Rhine!

As the SS Antoinette was moored next to a cycle path than ran the length of the Rhine a group of eight of us decided to try the complementary bicycles.  You just ask at the front desk and a bike is brought down for you and adjusted quayside.  I reckon we cycled about 5 km and I was very glad to get back to afternoon tea and cakes in the Salon du Grand Trianon.  Other passengers had gone on the optional afternoon excursion to Heidelberg.

Bike and SS Antroinette

(rather a dull picture I’m afraid but the ones of us – in motion – came out blurred of course!)





Private Dining on the SS Antoinette

This evening we took up the invitation for the Private Dining Experience in L’Orangerie.  At no additional charge this is on a first come, first served basis by signing up at the front desk – there are announcements during the day.  It is a more intimate experience with the suite butlers waiting on you and the chef cooking the food in full view of the diners.  A tip for deciding which night you try is to find out what is being served in the main restaurant that night.  We had a lovely meal, but our colleagues who stayed in the Restaurant de Versailles had Confit of duck which is one of my favourites so I was a little disappointed to have missed it.  However, the Tiramisu – of which I am not a great fan – was fantastic.  Well done to the chef for using the Asbach Uralt German whiskey of the region.

Tiramisu on SS Antoinette






Alex Leete

Global River Cruising

SS Antoinette, November 2012

SS Antoinette Review Day One

SS Antoinette at night

I have just been lucky enough to spend 7 nights on board the Uniworld SS Antoinette.   We sailed the River Rhine on their Castles along The Rhine Itinerary in November 2012.

On landing at Basel I had a slight wobble when faced with whether to enter Switzerland at passport control or France or Germany.  I plumped for Switzerland which proved to be correct as a smiling Uniworld representative was there to greet me.  She then explained that we were diverted from Basel to Breisach as the water was too high for the ship to enter Basel.  It couldn’t get under the bridge as it had been raining for 2 days constantly on top of already high water levels for November.   Rather than a 10 minute transfer from the airport it was 45 minutes.  As this was to be our first port of call on day 2 this wasn’t a problem.  We drove through a dark and rainy Rhineland until we saw the neon blue lights of the SS Antoinette glowing next to the quay.

The SS Antoinette may be small compared to ocean ship standards but it is 135m long which for a river ship is enormous.  We were welcomed on board by the Cruise Manager, Hotel Manager and the Captain with warm hand towels, a warm drink and information on checking in at reception with our passport.

Baccarat Chandelier

Your first impressions of the SS Antoinette’s interior is of the enormous statement Baccarat antique chandler handing in the two storey atrium as you step on board.  That gets a conversation going that the staff must have had a thousand times about where it came from but their smiles and replies are enthusiastic from the Captain to the Cabin Steward so you feel like you are the first to ask.

Cabins on the SS Antoinette

My cabin 307 is a cat 2 cabin on the middle, La Duchesse deck with a french window.  The French window is a very high tech design as rather than the usual french doors and metal  restraints blocking the view, with the push of a button you can open the full width window and it lowers horizontally to half the height of the room.  It is a very clever design and allows you to have an uninterrupted view of the scenery whether up or down.  The cabins on the upper deck have a balcony that when the window, again at the push of a button,  is up creates a fully enclosed conservatory with a table and two chairs and a flat screen tv (in addition to the flat screen tv – a nice discrete size) in the room.  The balcony is a lovely seating area. Although it takes space from the cabin if you want to feel that you are sitting in the scenery as you are docked or sailing along it is a lovely feature.  This is an exclusive Uniworld design.

There were plug sockets, six in total with both European, American and English settings so don’t worry if you forget your adaptor.  The bathroom was marble and mirrors, more mirrors than I have in my house and you can see yourself from every angle.  Lovely L’Occatane products are actually in dispensers next to the sink and in the shower.  Whenever I used the shower, either morning or night there was always hot water I am very pleased to say.

Unpacking was easy due to the amount of draw and cupboard space.  My large suitcase then fitted easily under the bed and was then covered by the valance until needed again in 7 days time.

It was then off to the Salon du Grand Trianon for the 6pm Welcome and safety briefing.  The briefing was finished by Woulter the cruise manager who presented us with an overview of the week, a very useful document which showed exact timings for visits, sailings, tour bookings and daytime activities.

Our First Dining Experience on the SS Antoinette

7pm and it was off to the Restaurant de Versailles where it was open seating tables from 2 up to 12 settings and we selected from our dinner menu an appetizer, soup and entree.  Each course has a vegetarian option and you are free to add from that menu completely or whichever course you like.  I was trying to pace myself for the week so chose a cocktail of orange and grapefruit in sherry mint syrup, then vegetable consomme and then grilled fillet of butter fish served with peperonata, hotchpotatch and crispy fennel.  The fish was cooked to perfection. I skipped the creme patisserie tart as I was being good.  All washed down with extremely free flowing house wines selected from the region.

We returned to the Salon du Trianon and found the resident singer and pianist duo Greg & Margaret singing well known songs but this was as far as the entertainment went on the first night as they could tell everyone was tired from travelling, especially those from north america who had flown in that day.  Some of the group found the Leopard Bar which was on the top deck which was a little like a gentleman’s club, complete with extremely handsome wooden leopard sculpture.  Antonia from Portugal was preparing the drinks and still smiling away at gone 11pm at which point we bid her goodnight and retired.


Alex Leete,Global River Cruising

SS Antoinette

November 2012

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