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Why you should choose a river cruise as your next big holiday

Titan Travel River Cruise Europe - from Global River Cruising - Budapest Bridge

Europe is a great destination for a holiday, and is so easily accessible from the UK, either by plane, boat, car or train. Whether you are visiting the continent for the first time or have been many times, a river cruise is a great choice for your next big holiday in Europe!

We have many different types of cruises and destinations to choose from at Global River Cruising. If you are interested in history, art, culture, natural beauty, food and drink, there is something for everyone. You can decide between Danube river cruises, experience the Seine, navigate along the Po River or soak up the sun along a Douro River cruise.

So why should you make a river cruise your next holiday? Check out our reasons below!

It’s economical

It might not seem it in the current financial and political climate, but a river cruise holiday is a great option to go for, if you are still looking to holiday abroad. Often, the flights to the destination, meals on the ship and itineraries are included, it will be cheaper to go for an all-inclusive holiday like many of the river cruises in Europe are. There is also less worry about over spending on a river cruise, as many day excursions and extras can be pre-paid for as well.

It’s efficient

Being an island, we may not always notice the efficiency of getting around in Europe. It is relatively compact, and on just a seven-day river cruise, you can still cover a large area and discover more than you would realise and you will often have a whole day to see the sights. Even the choice of a guided tour or exploring on your own is more efficient than trying to find parking, and navigating foreign roads, and you will always have a place to stay every night.

It’s accessible

Not only is continental Europe accessible from the UK, but many of the popular tourist sites are accessible by river cruises. As many major European cities were built on main waterways – Paris, Cologne, Budapest, and Venice for example, river cruises between them is easy enough. You can sometimes travel Europe without needing a car!

It’s comfortable

Unlike when you travel by bus, car or train, there is only need to unpack once on a river cruise. Having the luxury of a travelling room is not something to be missed! And as river cruises offer toured guides, you will also not have to worry about your lack the native language – though bringing along a few phrase books will help too!

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