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FAQs about Water Level Disruption on Danube River Cruise Holidays


The ultimate packing guide for your river cruise holiday

Packing is one of the worst parts of the holiday, as well as the unpacking when you get back home. Having a comprehensive packing list makes it so much easier, especially when you are about to embark on one of our last minute river cruise deals.


Questions to help you prepare for your river cruise

When preparing to go on your holiday, you always need to plan ahead, for what you need to take, the places to visit and so on. On a river cruise, your itinerary is planned out for you, but there are still some questions to ask yourself to help prepare before you go.


Limited Mobility & Choosing a River Cruise

Assessing River Cruising for Limited Mobility Clients River Cruising appeals to all ages and can be a particularly popular holiday for clients with limited mobility or walking difficulties.  Gliding effortlessly along from port to port, as ever renewing scenery drifts past, can be a wonderful experience. It is important however to understand the challenges that one […]


Problems on river cruising – 5 point checklist

Problems on river cruising do happen. As a travel agent who specialises in river cruises we tell people honestly about problems that can occur on river cruises.  Once we have talked them through it, we find that people are ready to go and have the confidence to set off on their river cruise journey, safe […]


What should I pack for a river cruise holiday?

Is there actually a dress code on a river cruise and what should I pack? These are questions we hear from potential first time river cruisers.  The river cruise brochures show pictures of happy river cruise customers who all look so confident in their specially selected river cruise attire – straight out of a photo shoot of […]


River cruise dress code. What to pack for your cruise.

One of the more common questions we hear from potential river cruises is about what exactly is river cruise dress code and does it wary by ship?  What should I wear and what do I need to pack?  With baggage generally limited to one suitcase per person it is useful to understand what you might […]


Tipping on River Cruises in Europe

You do need to know what to do about tipping on river cruises in Europe.  Especially in the UK where we don’t have a culture of tipping, it can seem daunting for new customers. We have put together a simple checklist to help you compare inclusions by operator to help you budget for your cruise. […]


Should I Book a River Cruise if I have Limited Mobility?

Is river cruising a suitable holiday for someone who can’t walk quickly or particularly far? Is river cruising suitable for someone who finds walking a struggle? Is river cruising a good holiday choice for a person who needs assistance with walking? If I can’t walk well, will I enjoy a river cruise? If stairs are […]


How to book a river cruise with friends

You may have been going on holiday with friends for years now, or perhaps it has just come up as a happy possibility over a glass of wine? But what type of holiday for this year or next, and how to make a choice that everyone will be happy with? What about considering a river cruise?