Keeping fit has never been easier on river cruises!

River cruise lines, just like ocean cruisers, are offering more activities for adventure-minded travellers. The changes help river cruises appeal to the more independent and fitness-conscious passengers, with cruise itineraries becoming more diverse and active.

enjoy keeping fit on luxury river cruise ships with their new itineraries

We recently reported how more river cruise lines are adding cycling to their day tours. Many cruise ships include bikes on board which passengers can take out when they dock at their destinations, but these new trips mean you could be cycling alongside the river yourself, or taking a whole day to bike through the beautiful scenery found in Europe.

Why cycling – not just walking? Scenic’s journey designer for Europe, Tiffany Watters, said: “Our guests absolutely love the range of guided and self-guided cycling activities that we offer, which means they get to make the most of each destination and at their own pace.”

“It’s a great way to experience as many Europeans do – on two wheels.”

As well as cycling, there is also the chance to try something different, with many luxury river cruise ships offering not just cycling but jogging, hiking and canoeing expeditions, often designed for multi-generational cruisers.

Keeping fit on board has never been so easy too, with luxury river cruise ships sometimes having a small gym on board, or encourage you to stretch your legs by doing laps of the ship and also offering yoga in the morning. Doing some relaxing moves while cruising past some stunning scenery sounds like a dream!

With river cruise experiences increasing in popularity, it is easy to see why more active activities are being offered. Luxury river cruise ships are really catering to all their customers wants and needs – making a river cruise holiday the best choice!

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